About Us

BEKENFLO Pump(established in 2008), has grown to become a formidable player in the global pump market. We are a respected Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and supplier of heavy-duty pump solutions to the mining, mineral processing and industrial segments as pulp/starch mill. BEKENFLO Pump has developed a range of premium quality pumps and after-market pump spares, which is offered at competitive prices and with unparalleled service. BEKENFLO pump could be an ideal choice for many different companies, particularly those in the ulp mill/starch mill and mining/dewatering industry, sea water desalination, etc.

BEKENFLO Pump head office is located in Fuzhou,Fujian,China which own the workshop in Dalian city. however, we have continued to expand our footprint, particularly in Southern Africa/North America/Asian, where we are enjoying great success through distribution arrangements in the territories of indonesia, usa, australia, chile, peru, etc.. We have further expanded our territories across the continents to include Australia, Canada, The United States of America and territories in South America. Our combined factory areas span more than 6,000m2 and consist of in-house foundries, machine shops, rubber manufacturing facilities, repair workshops, assembly workshops, and warehousing, to support high-volume production and delivery requirements.

Our Core Company Values

BEKENFLO Pump value proposition is summarised by its motto: Easy, Cost-Effective and Reliable. Consistently living these values has ensured that the BEKENFLO brand has become well-entrenched in the global market. A strong, loyal customer-base attests to the success of this approach to business.

Easy refers to our simple, well-designed products that are easy to maintain and developed on proven design principles. Easy maintenance is a result of our strong customer-focused service that includes ready technical support and quick quote and query response times.

Cost-Effective refers to proven product reliability and wear life along with our competitive pricing structures. High product availability also means reduced inventory investment while our constant technological improvements mean that customers will have products on the cutting edge of innovation without breaking the bank.

Reliable refers to proven products, experienced personnel, and an effective distribution network. We always insist on providing excellent service levels and product availability. BEKENFLO Pump has all the required industry-standard certification and we also offer a One Year Warranty on all our products.

All of our wear parts for pulp pump/mining slurry pumps are dimensionally interchangeable with the OEM parts in any combination, or as a complete pump. We have been supplying severe-duty parts to the mining, power generation, sugar, and other heavy-industry operations for over 10 years.

Field Applications:

Heavy Mining | Mineral Processing | Coal Prep | Cyclone Feeds | Aggregate Processing | Fine Primary Mill Grinding | Chemical Slurry Service | Tailings | Secondary Grinding | Industrial Processing | Pulp And Paper | Food Processing | Cracking Operations | Ash Handling | Pipeline Transport | High Velocity Hydraulic Transport |Food Processing | Explosive Sludge In Metal Smelting | River And Pond Dredging | Heavy Refuse Removal | Larger Particle Or Low NPSHA  Applications | Continuous (Snore) Sump Pump Operation | Abrasive Slurries | High Density Slurries || Large Particle Slurries | Sump Drainage | Washdown | Floor Drainage | Mixing