BPE series Medium Pressure Stage Casing Pumps



• Oil and Gas
• Hydrocarbon processing
• Pulp and paper
• Power generation
• Food, metals&fertilizers
• Water and waste water.
• Boiler Feed duties in the industrial power application up to 180℃
• Condensate service in the power stations and industrial plants
• Feed pumps in desalination by reverse osmosis.
• Shower water in paper mills.
• High Pressure water in general industry.



Speed: 1500rpm–2900rpm/1750rpm–3500rpm


Capacity: 580m3/h (max) 

Head: 400m(max)

Working Condition:100 bar ( max )

Temperature of liquid: -40℃ to 120℃ , PH=0-14 


Remarks: We have been OEM for many brands from Europe and USA

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