HKL series Submersible Screw centrifugal pumps

• Waste Treatment

• Sludges, sewage, flocculants.

• Food Processing

• Live Fish, Fruits, Vegetables

• Pulp and Paper

• Wood Chips, Medium density pulp stock, sludges

• Chemical/Petrochemical

• Oil/water separators, crystal slurries, Non-newtonian slurries

• Mining

• Carbon and resin slurries, solvent extraction

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1.High Efficiency
Reduce power cost (connected horse power can now cost more than usd1000 per horse power)
2.Clog free operation
No blockage means minimum attention and minimum maintenance, except for periodic adjustments
3.Gentle Action
Prevents damage to delicate solids
4.Steep head-capacity curve
Minimizes interruptions in capacity, prevents motor overloads, and provides additional pressure to blow out plugs
5.Low NPSH requiremets
Hept to keep thick sludges and large solid moving as available suction head decreases. It also reduces installation costs.
6.Positive suction flow
Enables the pump to easily handle thick sludges
7.Externally adjustable liners
8.Abrasion-resistant construction
With 550 brinell, high chrome iron impeller and externally adjustable suction liner available.

Remarks: We have been OEM for many brands from Europe and USA

Sectional drawing

This series of screw centrifugal submersible sewage pump, introducing and absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, reasonable structure, superior performance. The squirrel cage motor operation mode of S1, the stator insulation class H (180 ℃), and has the anti-condensation device, each phase has equipped with overload protection device.


1、The stator winding of the motor (class H insulation, protection grade IP68)


3、New type sealing material processing watertight cable


5、Anti winding compact design mechanical seal


2、High quality self lubricating bearing


4、Rotor assembly


6、Wide channel volute


7、Seal ring


8、Screw centrifugal impeller

Performance Curve


2 Replaceable casing wear liner

Screw centrifugal pump can be fitted optionally with a wear liner , this is ideal for abrasive process applications .when worn ,liners can be replaced at a fraction of the cost of replacing the entire casing


3 Dry solid scapacity of various pump types

• Multivane centrifugal

• Single or double vane centrifugal

• Vortex

• Screw centrifugal

• Archimedes screw, progressive cavity


Using screw centrifugal impeller, can pass larger diameter particles, to achieve efficient non-blocking sewage; 

Patent:ZL2013 2 0179485.6

The motor insulation class is H, the motor chamber of the highest temperature can reach 180 ℃, protection class IP68

Coil winding motor is equipped with two sets of thermal switch, temperature 125K, effectively prevent motor overheating
Patent:ZL2012 2 0046985.8

Using anti-winding compact design mechanical seal, made of silicon carbide and tungsten carbide or tungsten carbide and tungsten carbide;

Using imported NSK bearings , bearing service life is more than 100000 hours;

Shaft sealing system has an oil chamber, is arranged between the bearing seat and the motor and the liquid,lubricating and cooling themechanical seal ,also with the monitor probe inside to detect any leakage from shaft seal , once the mechanical seal failure, water comes into oil chamber, it will alarm;

Using new type sealing material processing watertight cable, can effectively prevent the cable water leakage; Patent:ZL2012 2 0046988.1

Using new type sealing material processing watertight cable, can effectively prevent the cable water leakage; Patent:ZL2012 2 0046988.1

Pump shaft use AISI420 stainless steel, Shaft and impeller with taper shaft connection, safe and reliable , so machine can running smoothly.
Patent:ZL2012 2 0046989.6

SCI series Type spectrum


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