BV Vertical immersion pumps



• Molten Lead
• Molten sulfer
• Hydrochloric Acid
• Molten Caustic
• Phosphoric Acid
• Sulfuric Acid
• Boiler Run Off
• Water Treatment
• Bromine
• Mercury
• Nitro Glycerine Slurry
• Day Tank Transfer
• Parking lot Sumps
• Rail Car Unloading
• Tank Farms
• Heat Transfer liquids
• Industrial Waste Systems
• Entrained Air or Vapor
• Water

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Rugged Vertical Design
Heavy construction and advanced design techniques throughout insure high performance and long, trouble-free service life. Vertical pumps are self- priming and self-venting. Hazards of bottom tank openings are eliminated. Space is conserved. Fugitive emissions are effectively controlled with various options and accessories.

Pump Thrust Bearing
Every Taber pump has a thrust bearing to carry the dynamic thrust generated during pump operation. Since pump thrust is not transferred to the motor, standard motors and fl exible couplings can be used.

Impeller Adjustment Above Support Plate
The impeller adjustment/locking mecha-nism is located above the support plate.This positioning permits convenient and safe access for ease of accurate adjustment with pump in the installed position.

Long Sleeve Bearings
Long sleeve bearings offer a well supported shaft with greater load carrying capacity due to increased surface area. bearing materials tailored to the application.


Registered Fits
Taber pumps are designed with registered fi ts so parts remain concentric to the shaft, simplifying assembly.

Flanged Support Columns
Large diameter rigid support columns with registered fi ts provide precise alignment of shaft and sleeve bearings.

Large Shaft Diameter
Oversized shafts minimize defl ection and improve shaft/ bearing system stability, increasing pump service life.

All Metal Construction
The strength and durability of a wide range of alloys, as well as ductile iron, are available to handle the full spectrum of chemical and industrial liquids.

Wide Range of Applications
Many optional features can be used to meet specifi c application require- ments such as double stuffi ng boxes for fuming acids, and steam jackets for molten sulfur.

Optional Suction Strainer
To reduce clogging, the area through the strainer is more than twice that of the impeller inlet area.

Taber Series

Rugged Vertical Design
Pump Thrust Bearing
Rugged construction provides long MTBPM and long service life.
Since pump thrust is not carried by the motor, standard P-base motors and fl exible
couplings can be used.
Impeller Adjustment Above Support Plate Allows for impeller adjustment with pump installed, reducing maintenance and
adjustment time.
Long Sleeve Bearings
Registered Fits
Offers better support of the shaft, less shaft defl ection, and longer bearing life.
Every part location is concentric to the shaft, offering longer MTBPM and simple
Fabricated Support Columns Rigid support columns with registered fi ts provide precise alignment of shaft and
sleeve bearings for easy assembly.
Oversized Shaft Diameters Large shaft diameter minimizes defl ection, provides longer MTBPM and better
shaft/bearing stability.
All Metal Construction
Heavy Duty Support Plates
Strength and durability of a wide range of alloys to handle a wide range of liquids.
Optional for waste sumps to keep trash out of impeller and casting.
Thicker support plates offer longer service life due to more stiffness and vibration
damping effect.

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