BHS series Double Suction Split Casing pumps


• Raw Water Supply
• Drinking water supply
• Industrial Applications
• Irrigation
• HVAC and Cooling Tower
• Marine and ship buildings
• Cold Water Circulation
• Pool Water
• Condense Systems
• Fire Fighting Systems


Speed:2900rpm/ 1480rpm/1750rpm/3500rpm
Max Speed:3500rpm (Diameter of impeller will be reduced )
Max Working Temperature: 105 ℃
Working Pressure: Generally it is 1.6Mpa, It can rise to 2.4Mpa
if material is Nodular cast or Cast Steel .


Application Std:   Flange std can be BS,DIN,ANSI,etc  

Product Detail

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We have been OEM for many brands from Europe and our pumps has been used by famous brands from Middle east to apply for UL/FM Certificate.
We can make pumps with the bearing housing as your own design.


1、Innovative casing:
—In-Iine design
—short distance between bearings and corre spondingly short shaft
—leak-tight due to compact joint flange with long, prestressed bolts
—counter-rotation possible with similar parts
—double volute version for appropiate total heads
—easy mounting - self-aligning upper casing

2、Service-friendly shaft:
—completely sealed and dry for zero corrosion
—short and rigid with negligible vibrations
—replaceable shaft protecting sleeves
—no threads exposed to pumped medium long oper ating life and no corrosion
—adjustment- free assembly
—quick and easy assembly /dimantling of the rotor components due to elastically prestressed mountings

3、High-performance impeller:
—minimal axial thrust due to double-entry impeller
—optional impeller wear rings
—new vane passage with excellent hydraulic characteristics


6、Excellent efficiencies, Outstanding NPsH:
—computer -optimized double entry impellers
—smooth surfaces inside the casing and on the Impeller
—smooth, quiet running also guaranteed by a large Impeller eve area
—no drop in efficiency due to cost effective re placeable casing wear rings and impeller wear rings
—smooth. low loss running due to a swirl-free inlet

5、Application -orientated seals:
—asbestos-free, potable water quality soft-packed stuffing boxes
—optional: mechanical seals

4、Long-life bearings
—covered, sealed for life grease lubricated antifriction bearings for a long service life
—open gland, i. e. enough space for service activities
—optional: oil lubrication with constant level oiler

Conestruction Section of Type SD Pumps


1 pump casting 8 seal housing 15 circlip
2 impeller 9 packing gland 16 bearing block
3 pump cover 10 block water ring 17 bearing sleeve
4 flushing water piping 11 bearing cover 18 shaft sleeve
5 sealring 12 bearing housing 19 stuffing seals or mechanical
6 vent plug 13 shaft 20 bearing sleeve
7 O-ring 14 radial seal ring 21 nut


Construction Section of Tyoe SDL Pumps


1 pump casting 8 vent plug 15 bearing block ring 22 residur bearing
2 pump cover 9 seal housing 16 circlit 23 O-ring
3 sleeve 10 flushing water piping 17 radial seal ring 24 residur bearing cover
4 shaft 11 packing gland 18 bearing 25 base
5 impeller 12 bearing cover 19 motor stool
6 sealring 13 bearing body 20 stuffing seals or mechanical
7 shaft sleeve 14 bearing block 21 second sleeve

Performance Curve

Selection charts

Omega / Omega V; n = 2900 rpm

Omega / Omega V; n = 1450 rpm


Omega / Omega V; n = 3500 rpm

Omega / Omega V; n = 1750 rpm


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