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Main Bekenflo Pumps Industry
  • Mining and Mineral Processing

    Mining and Mineral Processing

  • Iron & Steel Industry

    Iron & Steel Industry

  • Pulp&paper Industry

    Pulp&paper Industry

  • Oil & Gas & Petrochemistry

    Oil & Gas & Petrochemistry

  • Food&Chemistry Industry

    Food&Chemistry Industry

  • Seawater Desalination

    Seawater Desalination

  • Power Plant Systems

    Power Plant Systems

  • Agriculture & Irrigation

    Agriculture & Irrigation

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  • Largest Order – PT150 Diesel Driven Wellp...
    BBA Pumps has recently been awarded its largest ever order for PT pumps. The purchase was made by the Dutch dewatering company Koop Watermanagement BV. The top picture shows the first flatbed trailer being loaded, wit...
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  • Sulzer extends submersible dewatering XJ ...
    Sulzer has added the XJ900 to its XJ series of submersible dewatering pumps designed for mining, tunnelling or construction. Sulzer introduced the XJ series of submersible dewatering pumps in 2012 and the XJ900 is a p...
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  • Tsurumi develops titanium pumps
    Aggressive mixed water can complicate dewatering and drive up pump costs. (Image: Tsurumi) Tsurumi has introduced its new TM series of lightweight, submersible titanium pumps to address the problem of corrosion from w...
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